Smoked Salmon

One taste and you will know that our Irish Smoked Salmon has been tried and tested for 2 generations and nearly half a century. Our craftsmanship and experience are second to none in the industry, and that reflects in the quality of the smoked fish that we deliver to you. We take great pride in producing superior smoked fish. No order is too big or too small - our consistency and quality is guaranteed, whatever size the order.

  • Producing quality smoked fish since 1965
  • No additives used, we still use just the same basic ingredients ...sea salt, oak chippings and the freshest salmon in the west.
  • Our smokehouse is situated right on the shores of Galway Bay, so we always use the freshest fish.
  • Our smokehouse is State-of-the-art and totally modernized.
  • We take pride in our traditional craftsmanship.
  • Our smoked fish products offer a distinct, superior flavour.

We have also produced a range of hot smoked salmon and smoked mackerel products. Information about these is available here

Hot Smoked Salmon

"We have the same customers buying from us from all over the world every year. They love the traditional and authentic flavour of our smoked fish" - Noel Holland, on the smokehouse products from Galway Bay Sea Foods

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