Barbequed Smoked Salmon

Barbequed Smoked Salmon

Hand Selected Salmon smoked slowly at a low heat to give it a moist flavour and have you wanting more. Barbequed Smoke Salmon is a hot smoked salmon which gives the salmon a texture similar to cooked or grilled salmon. As it is smoked at a higher temperature it gives the product a mouth watering barbequed flavour. At a recent tasting in a local supermarket the response received from the public was fantastic about the product. It was described as ‘delicious, tasty, and full of flavour and beautiful texture’. The popularity of this product was clear to see with many people coming back for more!

Comes in packets of 160gm

Serving Suggestion
Flake the salmon into a bowl with a dollop of mayonnaise and mustard for a great alternative to tuna fish

Wines with more flavours would pair very well like Wingspan Sauvignon Blanc; Redbank Chardonnay

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