About Us

"My father founded the business in 1950 and it grew with the town. Johnny and me, we went in on our father’s knee."Noel Holland, on the early days of Galway Bay Sea Foods.

In the early days of our business, Johnny sold and Noel bought. We knew our fish and from our father we got our love and our passion for fresh, top-quality fish. Of course there wasn't the science there is today and in those early days, a fishmonger with a college degree was like a duck out of water. A fish man knows his fish, he buys and sells it every day. College was for doctors and lawyers. In those days, our reputation was everything.

But knowledge, instinct, passion and a love for fish isn't enough in today's times. Though tradition is strong within the business, Galway Bay Sea Foods has always adapted and changed to keep ahead of the pace. Today, the business has a modern structure and while its ever-growing wholesale customer base remains the bread and butter of the business, it also has other strengths including:

  • State-of-the-art processing and smoking facilities.
  • An online shop for purchasing worldwide.
  • An award winning seafood retail centre.
  • Ireland's first dedicated Seafood Cookery School.

Although we have adapted and changed, one thing that will never change will be our business mission to our customers. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our mission and everything we do as a business. We believe this is best achieved by working tirelessly to deliver the highest quality product, quickly and efficiently and working cooperatively with our clients to satisfy their particular needs.

"To us, the new and improved Galway Bay Sea Foods is like our new baby, and this is why we take great pride in the care and attention we give to all our customers, new and old. And while nothing could part us from what we have now, it's not really because it's so new. It's because it’s so old.Noel Holland