Monkfish Ginger and Spring Onions

8 oz Monkfish fillets
1 oz sliced ginger
2oz scallions - cut to 2 inch lengths
½ medium onions - sliced/cubed
Handful of lengthways sliced carrots
1 clove chopped/crushed garlic
Cooking wine, oyster sauce
Salt, sugar, dark soy, sesame oil to season

Marinade the fish with salt, white pepper & lemon juice.
Heat wok and add oil when wok is red hot. Add chopped garlic, ginger slices, carrot slices, onions and stir fry about a minute.
Add chopped fresh fish fillets. Add 2 tablespoons of cooking wine, 1 tablespoon oyster sauce. ? teasp. sugar and ? teasp. salt. Add 6 oz water. Add scallions.
Leave to boil for a minute or two, slowly add cornflour water mix¬ture to thicken. Drizzle dark soy and sesame oil to season and serve.