Barbequed Peppered Smoked Salmon

Barbequed Peppered Smoked Salmon

This product gives a nice ‘kick’ that has customers coming back for more. The salmon is hot smoked so is cooked through with the barbequed flavour but we’ve added a peppered coating to give it a little extra. This little extra was well received by the customers who felt that the extra spice complimented the barbequed flavour well which made the product simply irresistible for those who tried it made sure to have a second taste. Like our other products we hand selected the salmon used and treat it with care and expertise which results in a superior quality product that we are proud to put our name to.

Barbequed Peppered Smoked Salmon comes in packets of 160gm.

Serving Suggestion
Goes great in a bap with rocket and fresh sliced tomatoes

Redbank Chardonnay; Tramont Pinot Grigio

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